What we do: We specialize in crafting the finest trail mix baked with pure Vermont maple syrup. Our mixes are naturally gluten free, vegan and never made with any artificial ingredients or GMO's. We use the highest quality almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, maple syrup, kosher salt and dried cranberries as the base of all our mixes, giving you the perfect balance of sweet, salt and sustenance. Mixed, baked and packaged by hand, we ensure the highest standards, yet homemade feel people have come to expect from our products. Filled with protein, essential nutrients and Omega 3's, we make sure you have the ingredients you need to stay healthy, energized and satisfied. Eaten as a stand alone snack or mixed into yogurt, salads or cereals, our trail mix is the perfect all natural boost whether you're hiking a mountain or just need some extra energy to get you through the final hours of work. 

How we got here:  Mark, founder of Lakeside Maple created the Original Mix based off of a trail mix recipe Mark's mother made for him while attending college in Vermont. The delicious trail mix soon became a favorite snack among friends and family and enjoyed while hiking, snowboarding, camping and of course some school work. After graduating and returning to New Jersey to work as an arborist, Mark recognized the potential of this simple,delicious all natural snack he and his friends had grown to love. Named after the road Mark grew up on, Lakeside Maple started off with one mix, and was sold out of a backpack at local music shows, block parties and just about anywhere else where people were having a good time and needing a tasty snack. In the spring of 2013 Lakeside Maple LLC became an official business and started selling at local farmers markets in northern New Jersey. With the help of friends family, and of course loyal customers, we added more markets, more flavors and got our product onto some store shelves. We are growing as naturally as the seeds, nuts and pure maple syrup found in every bag. Enjoy!